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AMONG joy and despair -Moods are the dominant climates that impregnate our subjectivity and lead us to feel the world in a particular way.


We oscillate between one and another. Or we stay more steadily in a certain state. AS, as the psychologist Emilio Romero explains, are the dominant climates that from our subjectivity lead us to feel and see things and people according to our predominant affective state. If we are happy everything seems light, inviting and accessible to our proposal, including the inevitable daily nuisances we see with good disposition. If we are anxious tends to dominate the feeling of possible threat, which leads us to protect ourselves in order to mitigate the effects of this threat. If anxiety is already part of
of the character of the person then he tends to perceive the world as easily threatening, it is enough that the events that live escape his familiarity and control.
  In the realm of practical life we need to be in a state of attentive and quiet relationship with situations. This state is the serenity that we usually achieve after the age of 30, if our personal development allows it, since there are many people who live their whole lives in permanent emotional turmoil, oscillating between anxiety, distemper, discouragement, only with brief moments of cries
  This is a book that allows you to understand the importance of this theme; offers, in addition, good clues to live more in harmony with itself and with the world.
   One more information: this is the first book written about this topic, both in Spanish and in Portuguese. The first approach was made by Otto Bollnow in 1953. 


Páginas - 241 pag.

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